I’m Back!

Picture this: I am sitting on my kitchen floor, fresh brownies are in the oven, I am listening to some Daft Punk, and a thought comes to mind. My poor, neglected blog. 
I am so sorry for not posting in a while. Things have been very crazy in my life lately. I am planning for a trip to Anaheim for a choir competition, and the sir’s homecoming date is inching ever closer, so I have also been anxiously awaiting that. Though, I have to confess that my motivation has been waning. I haven’t been baking as much as I was, and I spend less and less time in my kitchen as the time moves on. I’ve become discouraged, dear reader. What makes me think that I would ever be able to not only own, but to run my own bakery?
That is, until I went to church this past Sunday.

“Most dreams die a slow death. They’re conceived in a moment of passion, with the prospect of endless possibility, but often languish and are not pursued with the same heartfelt intensity as when first born.” -Dean Karnazes
These words spoke volumes to me. If I don’t pursue my dreams with the same heartfelt intensity as when I first thought them, then how can I expect them to come true? Your dreams are only as real as you make them. So, on that note, I will try my hardest to be better about posting, and about not doubting myself.

Because, as a wise old man in my life keeps telling me, “If you argue your limitations, they are yours to keep.”

As always, happy baking.


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