About Me

Well hello there. 🙂
Welcome to my wonderful world of baking. My name is Alexia Vlasak (yes, like the pickles). I am passionate about all things baking, and definitely all things musical. In my natural habitat, you will usually find me looking up new recipes to try, and singing anything that comes to my mind. Other than that, I am also passionate about my faith, friends, and quoting Disney movies.
I am the eldest sibling in my family of four children, two brothers and my lovely sister, and my parents. My mom loves to paper craft, and scrapbook, her blog can be found here. Although I fight with my siblings constantly, (and lets face it, can you expect us not to fight?) I am so blessed to have them in my life. Siblings are like your lifetime best friends.
I aspire to go to the Culinary Institute of America once I graduate, and major in pastry. One day, I want to own my own bakery.. But that is not going to be for a while (;
Thank you so much for cruising by my world of baking, and I hope you enjoyed your stay. Please come again.

Happy baking!


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